Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Look At November

Well November has been an interesting month at the gym. First let's go back to October. In October I started a cycle of Methyl Arimatest and Hexoghen. Once again those products did me real good. Specifically the Methyl Arimatest by Musclemeds really surprises me because it's an OTC testosterone booster that really works. October was a very strong month at the gym every lift throughout the month was incredible. Mentally I was focused and all was perfect. As November came around I found that some of the bodybuilding focus went away. I didn't miss any time at the gym but the intensity and maybe some confidence went away. Maybe it was me coming off the cycle or maybe it's just that it's hard to stay one thousand percent focused on anything all the time.

As November rolled on I felt my intensity coming back and as the intensity came back so did the focus. Right now I feel like I'm mentally where I want to be at the gym and my lifts are stronger because of it.

Now for something that really fired me up. Last Thursday I was at the gym doing a Bi and Tri workout. It was a very strong workout and I was rather pleased and pumped. I was getting down to the end of the workout and I was doing tricep pull downs, I was on my heavy set and I was giving it my all. During my last four reps I grunted hard to assist with the last four reps. After I was done with that set the owner of the gym (the owner is normally MIA) but recently he has been hanging out and bringing in new staff. To be honest the owner doesn't come across like a nice guy at all. Anyway the owner sends one of his lackeys to me to tell me that I shouldn't grunt when I'm working out. WHAT? This is a gym, people are working hard and sometimes a grunt is in order. I'm not talking about cursing or rude behavior I'm talking about a human noise and unlike a fart a grunt doesn't leave an odor. This jack wagon went on to tell me that we need to think about the ladies who are working out. Huh? The ladies can grunt too, I don't care. He told me that the ladies wouldn't like it. My thought is that I'm paying to be here so I have the right to work hard and do what it takes to complete the job. Then the guy went on to talk about how they are trying to bring more women into the gym. He actually asked me what would I rather see a bunch of guys training or a bunch of pretty women. To that I say I don't care. I'm just there to work and as far as my motivation goes my motivation is not gender specific. I don't care who you are or what your sex is, I'm motivated by people, I'm motivated by people working hard.

The question is how politically correct are we getting? No noise at the gym? Chile please! That's stupid! Instead of worrying about me making a noise how about you come down on the people that read newspapers on machines, wear sandals on the gym floor or yack away on their damn cell? That would be considered good work on their part.

I hate Planet Fitness and all their rules. They have the Lunk alarm and if you make unwanted noise they actually fire off an alarm and then ask you to leave. Planet Fitness also shrinks down their leg press machines so you can't do a lot of weight and they don't allow dead lifting. Because Planet Fitness has these stupid rules and nocore attitude I don't go there but at least they are honest , they are searching out a specific clientele and they are clear about their rules and it's no secret. I'm not a member of Planet Fitness I'm a member of Retro Fitness. I have been to five different Retro locations and this is the only one that has dared to be this lame. By the way, there is a light that been out by the dumbbell rack for over a month. It lights up half the area. The owner also owns a lighting company maybe he should fix the light before you try to fix me.

One positive that has happened from all this is that any intensity that was missing at the beginning of November is back in full force after being forced to deal with such lame management.

The next thing I need to talk about is Victor Martinez and his situation as he sits in jail. I will post my thoughts on his situation later on in the week. Until then, lift hard and stay strong.

week. Until then lift hard and stay strong.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm Back

Well I'm saying that I'm back but to be honest I have never really left. I have just been too lazy to keep up this blog. My girl has encouraged me to get back on this and she's right, I should be doing this.

I may have stopped blogging but I have not stopped hitting the gym. My training in 2011 has been more focused and intense than ever and I have had some results to go along with the intensity. I am a hard gainer so I'm thrilled to say that I got my arms up 151/4 inches. Along with that I have increased strength and size in all aspects of my upper and lower body. Most important since I last posted (last March) I have gained five pounds of lean muscle. Most of the weight can be attributed to hard work and the following:

Methyl Arimatest
ON Protein Shakes

Yes, Coconuts. Taking my shakes with coconut milk (instead of regular milk) and also eating coconut butter has put five pounds on me in the last three months. I finally got myself up to 157 pounds, the next goal is 160lbs.

In the world of bodybuilding we were fortunate to be able to go to the NY Pro and watch kai Greene's comeback and once again we were able to go to Mr. Olympia and see Phil Heath beat Jay Cutler and become the new Mr O. Tt was a great Olympia. We already can't wait to go next year.

I will try to keep up this blog. I will try to make it an interesting combination of product reviews, bodybuilding news and updates on what I'm up to.

As for now, I feel very energized about my workouts. For me, life is an eternal bulking phase but at 46 I think I'm holding my own and holding it together.

Feel free to sign up and follow this blog and comment if you so choose.

I will write to you soon.


I'm Back

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Arnold Classic Predictions

Well kids, I'm stoked, it's time for the Arnold Classic. It looks like it's going to be a competitive tight show. It will be hard to predict but of course I got to try. So here are my predictions for the 2011 Arnold Classic.

1. Branch Warren
2. Dennis Wolf
3. Victor Martinez
4. Ronny Rockel
5. Roelly Winklar
6. Dexter Jackson
7. Evan Centapani

I relaize many may not agree but this is what I'm going with. Let the contest begin.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Flex Pro Results

The Flex Pro show is done and the results are in. I guess it's time to compare my predictions versus the actual results.

I predicted:

1. Dexter Jackson
2. Evan Centaponi
3. Dennis Wolf
4. Fauad Abaid
5. Ben White
6. Stan Efferding

The actual results of the top six look like this:

1. Evan Centopani
2. Dexter Jackson
3. Fauad Abaid
4. Dennis Wolf
5. Ben Pakulski
6. Ben White

Well it's safe to say that my predictions sucked, I was very off. That's body building for you. You never can predict what will happen.
In two weeks in the Arnold Classic, coming soon, my Arnold predictions. I hope I do better this time around.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Flex Pro Predictions

OK everyone, here we go. Last week the LA Fit Expo unofficially kicked off the 2011 bodybuilding season and next is the official kick off which will take place in Santa Monica California. This year the season will kick off with the first ever Flex Pro Show. With all that said I'm really glad that the Flex Pro show is happening. We used to have the Iron man but that went away so the Flex Pro looks to be a great kick off. The big draw for this show is Dexter Jackson Vs. Dennis Wolf that alone should be a great showdown but of course there are a lot of other up and coming athletes participating in this event. Now that we are only thirteen days out from the event I thought I would give my predictions for the top six.

1. Dexter Jackson
2. Evan Centopani
3. Dennis Wolf
4. Fauad Abaid
5. Ben White
6. Stan Efferding

My reasoning is this.:
Dexter has been training in CA. for a long time just for this event. He needs a big win and this is the perfect chance for him to get it. Without a big win here the aging Dexter Jackson will have a harder time getting the judges respect. Dexter is very aware of this.

Evan Centaponi is very determined a great showing here will will move his career towards Olympia. He's been working a long time for this and he knows this is critical.

Dennis Wolf; many may say he will win but I don't believe that Dennis is going to give his all at this show. I think Dennis is going to save his best for the Arnold where the competition will be much more intense. Dennis placed Higher than Dexter at the Olympia, Dennis doesn't have that much to prove. The greatest value to Dennis is to see how he compares to others.

Those are my thoughts for the top six, specifically the top three. In thirteen days we will know how it turned out. Feel free to post your predictions.

Thank you for reading this.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


According to RX Muscle Dennis Wolf is going to compete in the Flex Pro in February.

It seems that there was some sort of misunderstanding or someone in Wolf's camp may have spoke out of line. Either way the good news is that Dennis Wolf will help kick off the 2011 bodybuilding season at the Flex Pro and I for one can't wait to see the pictures of the Dennis Wolf Dexter Jackson showdown. Hold onto your hats, this is going to be good.